Performance Appraisals

HR Dallas Performance Appraisals

At Human Capital Solutions our consultants in this area of specialty utilize their background in psychology and pair this with years of experience in creating customized programs to address an organization’s specific performance management needs. We help create and implement comprehensive employee performance appraisal systems that can be seamlessly blended with pay for performance programs that are either designed by our compensation experts or incorporated into an existing system.

We tailor each program to your organization’s unique needs including customized forms, manuals, supervisory training, and employee orientation sessions. Our goal is to deliver a performance management system that perfectly meets your specific objectives; incorporates current best practices; and encourages organization-wide participation, understanding, support and acceptance.

Our wide range of performance management consulting services includes:

  • 360-degree Feedback Programs
  • Coaching and Development
  • Competency-driven Performance Management Systems
  • Development of Behaviorally-anchored Ratings
  • Development of Job Families
  • Expert Analysis of Validity
  • Multi-rater Systems